brings, bringing, brought
1) VERB If you bring someone or something with you when you come to a place, they come with you or you have them with you.

[V n] Remember to bring an apron or an old shirt to protect your clothes...

[V n] Come to my party and bring a girl with you...

[V n with adv] Someone went upstairs and brought down a huge kettle...

[V n for n with adv] My father brought home a book for me. [Also V n n with adv, V n prep]

2) VERB If you bring something somewhere, you move it there.

[V n with adv] Reaching into her pocket, she brought out a cigarette...

[V n with adv] Her mother brought her hands up to her face. [Also V n prep]

3) VERB If you bring something that someone wants or needs, you get it for them or carry it to them.

[V n to/for n] He went and poured a brandy for Dena and brought it to her...

[V n n] The stewardess kindly brought me a blanket. [Also V n]

4) VERB To bring something or someone to a place or position means to cause them to come to the place or move into that position.

[V n prep/adv] I told you about what brought me here...

[V n prep/adv] The shock of her husband's arrival brought her to her feet...

[V n -ing] Edna Leitch survived a gas blast which brought her home crashing down on top of her.

5) VERB If you bring something new to a place or group of people, you introduce it to that place or cause those people to hear or know about it.

[V n to n] ...a brave reporter who had risked death to bring the story to the world.

[V n to n] ...the drive to bring art to the public.

6) VERB To bring someone or something into a particular state or condition means to cause them to be in that state or condition.

[V n prep] He brought the car to a stop in front of the square...

[V n prep] His work as a historian brought him into conflict with the political establishment...

[V n prep] The incident brings the total of people killed to fifteen...

[V n with adv] They have brought down income taxes.

7) VERB If something brings a particular feeling, situation, or quality, it makes people experience it or have it.

[V n to/on/from n] He called on the United States to play a more effective role in bringing peace to the region...

[V n to/on/from n] Kinkel said the attacks had brought disgrace on Germany...

[V n to/on/from n] Banks have brought trouble on themselves by lending rashly...

[V to n n] He brought to the job not just considerable experience but passionate enthusiasm...

[V n n] Her three children brought her joy.

8) VERB If a period of time brings a particular thing, it happens during that time.

[V n] For Sandro, the new year brought disaster...

[V n] We don't know what the future will bring.

9) VERB If you bring a legal action against someone or bring them to trial, you officially accuse them of doing something illegal.

[V n against n] He campaigned relentlessly to bring charges of corruption against former members of the government...

[be V-ed to n] The ship's captain and crew may be brought to trial and even sent to prison.

10) VERB If a television or radio programme is brought to you by an organization, they make it, broadcast it, or pay for it to be made or broadcast. [mainly BRIT]

[be V-ed to n by n] You're listening to Science in Action, brought to you by the BBC World Service...

[V n n] We'll be bringing you all the details of the day's events.

(in AM, usually use sponsor)
11) VERB When you are talking, you can say that something brings you to a particular point in order to indicate that you have now reached that point and are going to talk about a new subject.

[V n to n] Which brings me to a delicate matter I should like to raise...

[V n to n] And that brings us to the end of this special report from Germany.

12) VERB: with brd-neg If you cannot bring yourself to do something, you cannot do it because you find it too painful, embarrassing, or disgusting.

[V pron-refl to-inf] It is all very tragic and I am afraid I just cannot bring myself to talk about it at the moment.

13) to bring something alivesee alive
to bring something to bearsee bear
to bring the house downsee house
to bring up the rearsee rear
Phrasal Verbs:

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